Kevin Rudd sucks.  Who would say such a thing? The attention-seeking founders of that’s who.

What’s not so clear is who they are in the real world — aka First Life. Have we stumbled across a nest of geeks with too much time or something more sinister and party political?

Politician-dissing sites are nothing new. In 2006, the Victorian Liberal Party authorised, if only someone had told Ted Baillieu. The NSW Liberal Party’s Graham Jaeschke followed suit by registering (the Premier’s official site has an additional .au). And former Labor Party staffer Tim Grau was exposed as the man behind in 2004.

But the Liberal Party is denying all on this one, not that this is likely to dissuade grassy knollers.

We asked: Is there any connection between the Australian Liberal Party and the website: Does the Liberal Party provide funding of any kind to the site? No and no, came the prompt response from Brian Loughnane, federal director of the Liberal Party.

Who else would care enough to hate Kevin Rudd? Crikey embarked on an investigation to find out. At this stage, we can report that there is, at the very least, a p-rnography connection.

Another thing we know is that the people behind were also responsible for this:

With an apparently unblemished record for spotting losers should Rudd be worried? The Opposition Leader is unfazed, according to spokesman Lachlan Harris. “By the sound of the site it’s going to get less hits than Billy Ray Cyrus”.

And besides, is not a hate site, say the founders:

We have not provided this site for the sole purpose of directing hate toward Mr Rudd, but we do provide the freedom for our users to say so if they wish. The KevinRuddSucks forums have been put up for everyone and anyone to contribute. The purpose is to provide an open space for meaningful debate, or vulgar debate, or pointless name calling and mud slinging if that is your thing, hell, just flash your boobs if you like. Generally we don’t care what is said here, this is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH … All are invited and as many diverse opinions as possible is the goal: lefty bashing, greens bashing, conservative pissing, obscure anarchist ramblings, free-market fundamentalism, Marxism, Keynsianism, Machiavellian neoconservatism, antidisestablishmentarianism! 

Recently at the site users like unionthug, enviro, gay rights activist and laborhater have debated climate change, AWAs v common law agreements, the danger of David Hicks and the correct spelling of Petro Georgiou’s name.

For more detail about just who started the site, we beamed the Crikey-signal into the night sky.

Crikey’s geek informer responds: 

According to, the domain was registered on 27 February, the site is currently being hosted through a UK outfit called WebFaction. Now, here’s where we need to ramp the geek factor up to 20, so bear with me.

Name Servers’R’Us
When you register a domain name (like you also need to assign it a corresponding ‘name server’. Name servers are computers that are set to broadcast the IP address of the web server that’s hosting your site. For instance, is hosted on a server with the internet address

Usually, your web hosting company will also act as your name server, which is exactly the case with… their name servers are,, etc.

So every time you type into Internet Explorer and hit “Go”, your browser contacts the name server and says “Hey, I’m trying to find, where’s it hosted?”. The name server replies with “try the web server with the IP address”, and your browser then requests the first page of the site from that IP address. Pointlessly complex, no?

So, now that you know more than you ever needed to about the domain name system, here’s where it gets interesting …
According to DomainTools, before started using WebFaction for its name server, it was using another site called as its name server.

Things get juicy
The great news is that isn’t a hosting company. It looks like a private domain being used for nefarious purposes, namely hosting p-rn and pirated software peer-to-peer indexes rather than a website.

If was acting as the name server for, then the person who controls must have added the record in about, or at least given access to the user that added it in.

Since seems to be a private site, I’d guess that it’s owned and operated by just one person (or perhaps a few), who personally know (or perhaps are) behind the registration of And the best news is that was not registered using a proxy registrar … in fact the registrant’s details are available to see…

This morning Crikey called the registrant, a woman in Queensland whose name had no obvious political party connections. A man picked up.

He told us he hadn’t heard of but, laughing, said he’d get “Leanne” to call us.

We’ll report more when he’s found a woman to act as proxy. He’s a geek, it might take some time.