Immigration Department is looking at an overspend in the tens of millions of dollars according to the secretary’s budget address to staff. New information management system, Systems for People, is expected to bring some relief to the budget deficit. However, according to Booz Allan Hamilton, and an internal performance audit, Systems for People is failing to meet project milestones. Systems for People required a $700 million project (according to Business Analysts), but is funded by a $430 million budget.

Did you know that a secret deal extended Margeret Jackson’s term as chairman of Qantas. A vote about 12 months ago overturned a Qantas policy that the chairman should only serve for two terms. Why weren’t shareholders told?

The term “political economy” died out in favour of “economics” some time in the early 20th century, but government funding structures might cause a renaissance in the term. Under the current Budget’s funding schemes for higher education the differential between the funds received by universities for an economics student (who are bundled with business) is now some $4000 less than a politics student (who are bundled with psychology and behavioral sciences). To put it another way, economics graduates, a disappearing breed who are keenly sought after by both government and private sector for quantitative and analytical skills are funded a fraction of politics students who are qualified for, well, embittered stafferhood. Maybe the Government has a vested interest in maintaining widespread economic illiteracy? The upshot though, is that several economic departments, especially those which share a department with the political discipline, are considering rebadging their degrees and courses as political economy. Whilst teaching the same material (which is critical for Australia) they can get the funding they need.