Climate change to reshape agriculture: Global climate change will drastically reshape grain, oilseed and other crop production, but exactly how that will happen remains unclear. “Climate change has forced us to rethink so much of what we do on so many fronts, just as the internet has done in terms of our daily lives,” James Spellman, consultant with the United Nations Foundation, said on the sidelines of the annual World Agricultural Forum. SMH

Cathedrals join climate change battle: Many of England’s churches have already taken up the climate challenge with initiatives including the Church of England’s booklet of green tips entitled “How many light bulbs does it take to change a Christian?” and an initiative giving out energy saving light bulbs and loo flush reducers to the congregation at Portsmouth Cathedral. Edie News Centre

Climate change could lead to global conflict: Climate change could spawn a new era of conflicts around the world over water and other scarce resources unless more is done to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, warned yesterday. She said climate-driven conflicts were already under way in Africa. Underlying the Darfur crisis, she said, was a “struggle between nomadic and pastoral communities for resources made more scarce through a changing climate”. Guardian

Denier, denier, world’s on fire: The Iraq denialists and the climate change denialists are increasingly identical in their outputs. Have always been similar, not least because they were often the same people, but as evidence accumulates of the looming environmental disaster that is coming to a planet near you very soon, and the looming humanitarian disaster that is coming to a Baghdad neighborhood near all Iraqis even sooner, the comparisons become inescapable (as are the disasters). Huffington Post