Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners:
Thursday night and Nine got up narrowly, thanks to the performance in Sydney of the final Missing Persons Unit of this series and the effort of Eddie McGuire’s baby, the AFL Footy Show in Melbourne as well as the special on RPA. Apart from that it was Seven’s night and it is now neck and neck for the line at midnight Saturday. There were a dozen programs with a million or more viewers last night. Seven News was first again with 1.486 million viewers, followed by Today Tonight with 1.409 million, then Getaway at 7.30 for Nine with 1.285 million, followed by My Name Is Earl at 8pm on Seven with 1.205 million. Home And Away was 5th at 7pm for Seven with 1.202 million, while in 6th was Ten’s Law and Order Criminal Intent at 9.30pm with 1.187 million, and then Law and Order SVU at 8.30pm with 1.152 million. Nine News was 8th with 1.149 million, then Lost with 1.130 million for Seven at 8.30pm. A Current Affair was 10th with 1.092 million, Temptation was next at 7pm for Nine with 1.071 million and Seven’s 7.30 program, How I Met Your Mother was 12th with 1.069 million. Ten’s Big Brother averaged just 883,000 and the Footy Shows a combined 988,000 from 9.30pm. The AFL Footy Show averaged a huge 453,000 but wasn’t the biggest audience in any market last night. That was RPA, Where Are They Now (480,000) which was screened in Melbourne at 8.30 to help the Footy Show and because the final ep of Missing Persons Unit went to air there last week. That ep showed in Sydney last night and averaged 459,000 and was tops there. (Will it return? I hear things). MPU averaged 206,000 in Brisbane, the NRL Footy Show just 98,000. The NRL Footy Show averaged 233,000 in Sydney, despite winning a Logie.

The Losers: BB is struggling a bit for Ten at 7pm. The Footy Show is not going well in Brisbane but Eddie doesn’t care. He was in Melbourne yesterday for Collingwood, and no doubt the AFL Footy Show. The Amazing Race still not working for Seven at 9.30pm, only 845,000 people. The Catch-Up up to 130,000 from 98,000 on Wednesday as Nine cuts Fresh back to half an hour, puts it back at 11.30am. Nine will run repeats of McLeod’s Daughters at noon from the first ever episode, five days a week to try and save The Catch-Up.

News & CA: Seven News and Today Tonight again won nationally and in every market. Seven News beat Nine in Sydney by a surprisingly large 98,000 viewers last night. Both Seven News and TT won by more than 300,000 viewers nationally. Nine’s Nightline averaged 443,000, quite strong. Ten News At Five averaged 803,000, the Late News/Sports Tonight, 426,000. The 7pm ABC News averaged 967,000. The 7.30 Report was pre-empted for the reply to the budget by the Opposition Leader. Lateline averaged 212,000, Lateline Business, 120,000. SBS World News Australia 214,000 at 6.30pm, 136,000 at 9.30pm. 7am Sunrise, 434,000, 7am Today, 247,000.

The Stats: Nine won with a share of 30.5% (29.5% a week ago) from Seven with 28.9% (27.5%), Ten with 23.1% (22.7%), the ABC with 12.1% (15.1%) and SBS on 5.5% (5.2%) thanks to the repeat of Inspector Rex with 412,000 viewers. Nine won Sydney and Melbourne, Seven won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Seven just leads the week 29.6% to 29.4%. In regional areas it was much closer but a win to Nine WIN/NBN on 29.7% to Prime/7Qld with 29.6%, Southern Cross (Ten) on 22.0%, the ABC on 11.3% and SBS on 7.4%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Another feature was the continuing strength of Seven News and Today Tonight which have cleared away from Nine News and A Current Affair. The margins have risen sharply in the past three weeks. The wins have been based on better share in Sydney, but especially Melbourne and Brisbane. Time to see if Nine news boss, Gary Linnell has got what it takes and can make changes to get back viewers? Nine has a good chance of winning the week because at the moment it has better Saturday night programming. Seven should lead narrowly after tonight: the AFL will be more popular in more markets than the NRL. Better Homes and Gardens will help tonight. With Primeval backing up Funniest Home Videos, Nine could sneak home. Sunday night is the next interesting night with the start of Bastard Boys on the ABC, four one hour eps crashed into two two hour blocks. Could be the highlight of the year.