The Nine Network was being run out of Melbourne this week: from the offices of the Nine Network, to Crown Casino, to the offices of Collingwood Football Club, coffee shops in the inner city, the studios of GTV last night for The AFL Footy Show and the 3AW studios this morning.

Yes, Nine CEO Eddie was everywhere, everywhere except the Network HQ in Sydney at Willoughby that is.

Sunday night McGuire charmed the lads from The Chaser by calling off the Crown guards and returning the lads’ camera tapes so the show could go ahead on Wednesday night (1.4 million viewers).

Then Eddie recruited a new Collingwood CEO in his old mate, Gary Pert, who he recruited for the MD’s gig at GTV; all this without a worry about any conflict of interest.

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He also made sure the Magpies chief operating officer didn’t spit the dummy and walk. That was done in a coffee shop on camera, a Seven network camera.

Then there was a press conference at Collingwood yesterday where Pert’s gig was revealed and Eddie denied any conflict of interest, followed by a trip to the AFL Footy Show on Nine just after 9.30pm where he chatted about everything with his mates.

No probing questions but he did say that he would rather a Collingwood premiership than winning the ratings at Channel Nine — watch the vision here.

Well, let’s all have a think about that. Normally I’d say Eddie might be waiting a long time for the Magpies to lose the wobblies but this year, I’d say Collingwood has more chance of being top team than Nine has of winning the ratings battle with Seven.

Then this morning it was time for a chat with another mate: Neil Mitchell on 3AW mornings. In the studios of 3AW where Eddie had a run-in with one of those pesky Seven cameramen again.

They are everywhere. They must think they’re winning the news ratings (they are) and can do what they please (as Nine did for years).

Mitchell’s one of the mates Eddie tunes into on his laptop (the other is the mates on Melbourne’s Triple M, where Gary Pert used to work). It was a long talk (click here for the full audio).

The most notable comment from Eddie was that he would be CEO into 2008 (when Nine loses the AFL Premiership?, sorry, that’s the wrong game). No it’s in case the Pies lose the premiership so he can run them and Nine again next year and lose both!

Here’s a summary from Media Monitors:

Mitchell suggests that McGuire should come back to Melbourne to run the club. McGuire says he will remain in Sydney, but will not give up his position with Collingwood. McGuire discusses the changes that have been taking place at Channel Nine and PBL and says he will remain as chief executive into the new year.


Mitchell says a camera man from Channel Seven was in the studio this morning and McGuire asked him to leave. He asks whether McGuire is getting too sensitive. McGuire discusses an incident involving Channel Seven reporter Tony Sheehan (*). He explains that he ‘gave him a bit of a spray’ because he was filming him while he was having a private meeting. McGuire says the dodgiest thing he has done as a reporter was carry a hidden microphone while talking to a scalper. [cont].


McGuire says he has no regrets about taking on the job as CEO at Channel Nine. He says he has learnt a lot about television and a new set of disciplines related to business. McGuire says he and his family have settled in well in Sydney [cont].

Caller Mark says he wonders whether good Channel Nine programs and dramas are being replaced with repeats and cut-up shows like CSI and 20 to 1. McGuire says shows like 50 to 1 rate very well. McGuire says Channel Nine will be screening some quality Australian drama this year, including Sea Patrol and Underbelly.


Mitchell says he wonders whether Karl may be the problem at the Today Show, as there have been five different women hosting. McGuire says Lisa Wilkinson will be presenting on the show and recalls meeting her when she was Cleo editor. Mitchell suggests he did a naked centrefold with the magazine. McGuire says he would be too fat for this. He and Mitchell discuss McGuire’s weight.


Mitchell asks McGuire whether West Coast Eagles player Ben Cousins has been punished enough. McGuire says his reputation has been smeared, however he has not helped himself with the clothes he chose to wear during his apology. He suggests the AFL could have suspended Cousins. McGuire says he personally would not like to pay for an interview with Cousins, but this is the way of the media these days.


McGuire says Bert Newton’s contract with Channel Nine has been extended by a year. He discusses the axing of Family Feud.

Mitchell asks whether Jessica Rowe threatened legal action. McGuire says this is confidential.


Mitchell refers to the appointment of Channel Nine executive Gary Pert as Collingwood CEO . He suggests that you “can’t have two bloody hats” when it come to Channel Nine and Collingwood. Mitchell says McGuire would have fought it if another club had tried to poach Pert and this indicates a conflict of interest. McGuire defends the appointment, saying Pert wanted to leave Channel Nine anyway. McGuire explains how he avoided a conflict of interest in regard to Pert.