The newspaper cartoons that followed Tuesday night’s Budget depicted the Treasurer dumping cash on voters. That may be true in a cumulative sense, but the reality for wage-earners doesn’t involve front-end loaders or teetering piles of cash. So, what can average Australians do with an extra $14 to $16 a week? Some suggestions:

1 x 400g rump steak, salad, chips and a bread roll at the Samford Valley hotel — $14

1 x Overstone New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Dan Murphy’s — $13.60

1 x return train ticket in Sydney from Central Station to Penrith — $13.60

2 x Australia recycled printer paper from Officeworks, 500 sheets — $13.96

11.81 litres of unleaded petrol at $1.27 per litre — $15

1 x Bonds pillow socks from Kmart — $15.99

1 x student or pensioner ticket to Canberra Raiders vs Dragons, Canberra Stadium, Friday, 25 May, excluding booking fee — $15

1 x Monty Python, Life of Brian , 1979 remastered edition from HMV — $14.99

And some options for people who can save:

1 x Watson’s Book of Weasel Words , by Don Watson, from Gleebooks: $24.95

1 x Membership of the Liberal Party, Victorian branch, single: $69

How will you spend your $14-$16? Let us know – [email protected]

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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