News Corp carbon-neutral by 2010: News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch has announced a dramatic shake-up to make all the company’s businesses carbon-neutral within the next four years, to combat the “clear, catastrophic threats” posed by climate change. Mr Murdoch has laid out a plan for the company’s film and television, newspaper, publishing and online divisions to reduce their energy use, invest in cleaner technologies, and buy carbon credits to balance out emissions that cannot be eliminated. The Australian

Climate-change issue heats Capitol Hill: Global warming was impossible to avoid on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, with a trio of hearings on the consequences or cures for climate change and another on the related question of endangered wildlife. But even as the climate change issue spurred debate among US lawmakers, a demographer said that while Americans take this matter seriously, they are lukewarm about taking any tough action to control it. Washington Post

UN seeks coordinated development: Developing clean energy sources is key to continued global growth, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday. Ban told a gathering of environmental ministers that countries must coordinate efforts to find alternatives to oil and gas, in addition to finding solutions to climate change and air pollution. “Energy, climate change, industrial development and air pollution are critical items on the international agenda. Addressing them in unison creates many win-win opportunities and is crucial for sustainable development.” United Press International

Whale hunting: a saga of cheating, bribery and greed: As a child, I sat on a whale every day. Many years before I was born a 50-ton sperm whale had washed up on the Scottish coast near to where I grew up, and one of my relatives had cleverly fashioned a stool out of one of its enormous vertebrae. To a child, that bone-stool was a thing of wonder: a fraction of a creature of impossible vastness. I would scan the sea, imagining the great beast from which my seat had come, dreaming that another whale might one day burst the surface. It never did.  Times Online

Biofuels could cause more harm than good: The global boom in biofuels is laden with environmental and social risks, even as it presents strong new prospects for mitigating human-caused global warming, a new UN study says. The study also suggests that biofuels — energy sources derived from plant matter like corn or sugarcane — would serve better for heating and industrial power than for cars and buses, as is the current trend. National Geographic