Preparing to detain someone but short of a chain-mesh fence? Looking for a cheap-as-chips CCTV monitor? Interested in an ice-maker?

Forget the latest Sotheby’s auction, the real acquisitions were at a little auction last Friday. Auctioneers  Evans & Clarke notified everyone via  The Adelaide Advertiser  of the bargains up for grabs from South Australia’s Baxter Detention Centre, which is set to close down in the coming weeks. We’re particularly keen on the 100 watering cans, two wheelchairs and an x-ray machine. What on earth went on in there?

Hot items included: 100 plastic chairs, chain-mesh fence (and posts), 100 double bunk beds, stainless steel food trays, defribillator, electric distribution boards, food transport hot boxes, three ice machines, lawnmowers, CCTV monitors, rotary toasters, stainless steel bench and trolleys, trauma kits, 100 watering cans, two wheelchairs, and an X-Ray viewer.