The Smirk has never looked more expansionary or in greater surplus. And why not. Last night, The Smirk delivered a Budget brimming with the fruits of incumbency in an age of plenty.

The Smirk’s 12th Budget was as good as it gets. It directed tax cutting largesse in the direction of marginal voters. It titillated older voters and young parents with kickbacks. It largely ignored the fashionable inner city elite issue of climate change. It added a flourish of nation building with a very spiffy higher education endowment initiative. And, with all that tax revenue to spray around, it was responsible with a capital R.

This is a Budget that will almost certainly launch the Government’s revival in the opinion polls. A Budget that will temper the electorate’s apparent appetite for change for the sake of change. A Budget that will wedge the Opposition and make most of its critique look churlish.

Oh yes. The Smirk has delivered.