Ever since the ADF commenced its operations out of Camp Russell, at Tirin Kowt, Afghanistan (starting with the SAS and continuing with the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)) they have been sucking their sewage out of their septic tanks and dumping it in a nearby hole. This act is goes against environmental law in Australia and the same laws apply anywhere in the world. Not only is it illegal but, it is also dumb. The only water source for the Tirin Kowt Military Base is the aquifer on which they all sit (Dutch/Aust/US). It is made even dumber by the fact the sewage dump is sited in a stream bed… uphill from the frontgate… so when it rains… and the sewage dump overflows… the sewage flows back down hill… right past the front gate of Camp Russell. It is possible they could pollute their own aquifer if they persist with their current means of sewage disposal… and that could make the existence of the whole base untenable.

The ALP selection of George Newhouse for Wentworth is interesting because as a high-profile member of the Jewish community, it puts his contest with Turnbull into an interesting position. I’m a member of the Jewish community in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and Turnbull likes to stick his head in all the time and show his face. My friend said to me “he’s got the ‘Jewish vote’ covered”, but I think that Newhouse might just steal away Turnbull’s base support and could be critical in winning the seat… at least its gonna bleed the multi-millionaire a few hundred K.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey