A climate of change: The world has less than eight years to arrest global warming or risk what many scientists warn could be catastrophic changes to the planet. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that achieving such a drastic turnaround in global Greenhouse emissions may still be possible — albeit fraught with huge political barriers — and at relatively little cost. The Age

Japan pledges $100 million for new ADB funds: Japan announced a plan Sunday to contribute $100 million to the Asian Development Bank to set up two new funds to fight global warming and facilitate the investment climate in the Asia-Pacific region … The proposed funds are the Asian Clean Energy Fund and the Investment Climate Facilitation Fund. They will be installed as part of efforts aimed at solving challenges under Japan’s initiative called Enhanced Sustainable Development for Asia. Japan Times

The rough guide to ecology: cut flights: The man who inspired a generation of backpackers to see the world has claimed that travelling is environmentally destructive. Mark Ellingham, the founder of the Rough Guide series of books, is urging holidaymakers to cut down on foreign flights. He wants to stop the trend for “binge-flying” and is calling for green taxes on overseas plane trips. Mr Ellingham also wants the tourism industry to admit the dangers of global warming and educate travellers about the environmental damage they are causing. Telegraph

The Vancouver Sun‘s green edition: David Suzuki’s foot flies forward, smudging green paint across the newsprint below. In an instant, Canada’s eco-hero crashes to the ground. Turns out, being the editor of The Vancouver Sun can be a slippery pursuit. “I never thought I’d be getting my footprints taken,” he says, laughing. “Here we go.” Despite the tumble, he repaints his foot green and confidently presses it onto a sheet of paper. In one motion, he creates a perfect template of a well-worn foot, one that’s carried him through 71 years of life — from academia to activism — all the way to his 12-hour day Friday as guest editor-in-chief of The Sun. Vancouver Sun

First-ever photos of leopard with cub in Cambodia: WWF has captured the first- ever photos of a wild leopard with cub in Cambodia. Leopards are exothermally rare in Cambodia, which has suffered one of the highest deforestation rates in South-East Asia due to illegal logging, clearing for agriculture, fires, and unsustainable hunting. Monga Bay

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