The eponymous outgoing member for Charlton? Poor Kelly Hoare has had a very, very bad weekend with the bruvvers playing hardball. All this because she supported Simon Crean? Don’t worry too much. She’s been an MP since 1998. That should be enough to guarantee an indexed lifetime pension of between $60-70,000 a year that should ease all the pain of parting.

Wentworth oy vey! Malcolm Turnbull enjoys a margin of just 2.5% in his seat of Wentworth. His heavily Jewish seat of Wentworth. Labor’s selection of a prominent member of the Jewish community, George Newhouse, as its candidate should make for an interesting contest. Turnbull has good relations with the Sydney Jewish community, but Newhouse will eat into his support. It mightn’t cost Turnbull the seat – but could cost him in campaign bills.

Your government at work. Fresh off the email this morning, from Austrade:

Austrade has identified South Korea as a cosmetic “hot-spot” destination, with exports doubling in just two years, elevating the country to be ranked as our fifth most important export destination for beauty products.

Austrade’s Chief Economist Tim Harcourt said although France is still South Korea’s top supplier of cosmetics, Australia is edging closer with figures increasing from $3.6 million in 2004 to over $7.4 million in 2006…

“An excellent example of success is the very Aussie-themed Koala Story. It opened three stores in South Korea in the last three months, its fourth will be opening later this month and 16 others are planned to open before the end of 2007.”