The air radar at Darwin failed seven weeks ago leaving air-traffic controllers “blind” to aircraft on our top-end border. All that remains is a terminal radar extending out to 40-mile radius. Any drug smuggler, people smuggler or those with evil intent can fly into and out of our north as long as they avoid the 40-mile radius on Darwin, knowing they won’t be seen. Controllers say they are having trouble repairing the radar and a replacement could be 15 months away. How can our Government allow this? One creaky old radar with no back-up or redundancy on our northern border. Meantime, its a pain in the ar-e for pilots operating legally in the area.

Australia Post has run out of one of the most requested stamps in the country — the $1.45 one for large letters up to 250grams. Post offices around the country are crying out for them but they haven’t even printed a new run yet. The chiefs are telling the braves out in the ‘burbs that their orders cannot be filled at this time but they are not admitting that they’ve been caught out. Local POs are having to print out a label to replace every stamp! Very expensive and very time- consuming. As my local postmaster said, “If they had any competition, they’d be broke”!.

On 27 April, a special Commonwealth Government Gazette was released entitled, Administrative Arrangement between the Governor-General and the Governor of the State of South Australia relating to the International Transfer of Prisoners. David Hicks to return home soon?

The Fairfax training wheels are grinding slowly for the ink-stained print hacks who will soon be expected to produce audio and video for online as well as their own purple prose. Two days training is all they will get before moving out of their ivory Darling Park tower to Pyrmont and the brave new world. They’re scared sh-tless of making fools of themselves, especially older staff. Insiders have been told the change will be rapid, ill-preparing the editorial staff for doing three times as much work as they manage now. The “upskilling” is being managed by Fairfax Learning in St Martin’s Tower. The pre-move digital training will all be over by October. Fairfax Digital boss Jack Matthews claims there are 50 staff producing video. Only eight work directly for, wasting their time shooting cheesecake pap like Sam Brett’s Sam and the City tosh. Journalists must weedle for any tech-time to do real news. It’s f2’s agenda still. Good luck, Captain Kirk, you are going to need it.

Adelaide gossip has it that Sunday Mail chief of staff Kevin Naughton has been hired as the chief media adviser to new Opposition Leader Martin Hamilton-Smith.