Labor’s vote is still trending up, according to the latest Morgan Poll.

The ALP’s primary support has risen 2.5% to 52.5%, an increase of 14.9% since the 2004 election. The Government’s primary vote has fallen one point to 34.5%, a drop of 11.9% since the last election.

The two-party preferred vote splits Labor’s way 61% to 39%, with the Opposition up 1.5% and the Coalition down by the same.

According to the poll, 55.5% of voters now think Labor will win the next election, up 0.5%, compared with 29.5%  who say the Government will be returned, a drop of 2%.

This latest Morgan polling was conducted face-to-face at the weekend of April 21/22 and during the ALP National Convention on 28/29 April with a nationwide cross-section of 1371 electors.

Unlike Tuesday’s Newspoll, Morgan suggests no signs that “the Rudd juggernaut is slowing”. After the wild IR rollercoaster ride of the past few days and with Budget week looming, you couldn’t ask for a better polling cliff-hanger.