Interesting the way News Ltd is positioning themselves; it’s currently trying to get its “non employee” contributors to sign agreements that require them to forfeit the first 100km of vehicle expenses each day, provide their own work compensation cover when working for the firm and insure News Ltd’s own equipment for damage, while requiring a perpetual, non exclusive and worldwide copyright to material published by News Ltd on the internet.

Qantas is having a “Be Safe” week, dressing everything in orange (“be safe” corporate colours ), streamers, balloons and chocolate abound with the message to staff to raise safety awareness. Aww, they really do love and care for us… not! What it’s really about is being able to self-insure as long as they educate staff, ie. don’t have to use a third party insurer… it’s saving them millions!

Currently hundreds of Australian soldiers are camped near the Baxter Detention Centre, SA, in tents waiting for the last detainees to leave so they can move in and take it back. They are training in Port Augusta for deployment in Afghanistan. The Baxter Detention Centre was originally an army base called El Alamein until 2002 when the Immigration Department took it over to imprison asylum seekers and their children.

Not only has Melbourne’s Crown Casino changed the rules of blackjack to increase their percentage, but they have introduced a variant: pontoon, played with 48 card packs (no tens). This game is even more skewed towards the house, even allowing for payouts for three sevens, six-seven-eight and five or more cards totalling 21 or less.

AFL players behaving badly part 768. The internet site (before they pulled the thread) showed that young Essendon player Jason Winderlich had a personal MySpace profile site, which was full of crude pics and talk about players s-xual conquests. It suddenly became “private” after the posting. Charming stuff, the AFL must be proud of these great role models!