News Corp’s Australian spruiker-in-chief Terry McCrann had a curious way to describe his boss’s raid on The Wall Street Journal today:

Like Depression-era bank robber Willie Sutton, Murdoch is going ”where the money is”.

Well, maybe not so curious. Some of of Willie Sutton’s charactertistics — according to the FBI website — display an uncanny similiarity to McCrann’s boss:

Ingenuity: “Willie Sutton acquired two nicknames, ‘The Actor’ and ‘Slick Willie’, for his ingenuity in executing robberies in various disguises.”

A charmer: “Fond of expensive clothes, Sutton was described as being an immaculate dresser. Although he was a bank robber, Sutton had the reputation of a gentleman; in fact, people present at his robberies stated he was quite polite.”

Disarming: “One victim said witnessing one of Sutton’s robberies was like being at the movies, except the usher had a gun.”

Entrepreneurial: “When asked why he robbed banks, Sutton simply replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Innovative: “Sutton also executed a Broadway jewelry store robbery in broad daylight, impersonating a postal telegraph messenger. Sutton’s other disguises included a policeman, messenger and maintenance man. He usually arrived at the banks or stores slightly before they opened for the day.”

Longevity: “On November 2, 1980, Willie Sutton died in Spring Hill, Florida, at the age of 79.”

Maybe Terry knew exactly what he was saying after all.

For more on Willie Sutton, look here.