Julia’s shift to the right. A sharp eyed (female) subscriber points out: “It is interesting to note that Julia Gillard has commenced parting her hair on the right rather than the left (see The Age front page below). During her rise to power Julia Gillard always parted her hair on the left, as you can see in the photo on her parliamentary website (right). The respected Chic Mommy blogspot says “a woman who parts her hair on the left and wants acceptance in a traditionally male role — business, for example, or politics — will be taken more seriously than a woman with a right part.” Julia should go back to the left side part ASAP.

Politically ambidextrous . Spotted: Cook MP wannabe Scott Morrison lunching in Martin Place with a key factional operative. Is he faking right to go left?

Department of Truth. Thanks to PM  for alerting us to this particularly Orwellian sounding sub-section of that bunch of inhumane incompetents better known as the Department of Immigration, “The National Character Cancellation Centre”.

Rooster or feather duster: One paper’s front page splash is another’s page two short. It’s all a matter of persepective. On top, The Age . Below, The Australian . Same material, same day, kinda different story.