Paul Keating this morning talked IR with the ABC’s World Today program. Did choice quotes ensue? Naturally.

“The great lie in all this by Howard, Reith and then later of course Andrews … was that they were only completing something that I began. I mean this is just totally untrue. What I did was, for once and for all, change the 100-year-old centralised wage fixing system. Out there today, you walk out of this building onto the street, everyone out there is operating under the Keating government’s industrial legislation.”

“Howard … is an old antediluvian 19th Century person who wanted to stomp forever … on ordinary people’s rights to organise themselves at work … he’s a pre-Copernican obscurantist.”

“We don’t need Americans telling us about social equity in Australia. Thank you. Thank you.”

For the full World Today interview, complete with Paul Keating’s mini interview of presenter Eleanor Hall, click here.