The commentariat — particularly the Fairfax commentariat — seems to swinging with increasing confidence behind the ALP.

Alan Ramsey on Kevin Rudd:

One day the electorate will learn about Rudd’s very human, if dark, side. For the moment it knows only his good bits. The obvious intelligence, the fresh open face, that beaming smile, the immense energy. They will, most likely, make him prime minister before the year is out.

Geoffrey Barker on Kevin Rudd:

At the Labor conference Rudd criticised Howard for being a clever conservative politician. Yet he is no slouch at that game himself, and looks a real chance of becoming Labor’s first 21st century prime minister.

But then, we’ve heard all of this before.

Alan Ramsey on Mark Latham:

Mark Latham has re-energised Labor as much as he has revived national political interest. All in two months. What a year, whatever happens. Drink your tea, Prime Minister, and think about Labor’s very own WMD coming to get you.

Geoffrey Barker on Mark Latham:

Win or lose, Mark Latham is the future of political Labor. A win will cement his place in Labor history as the man who crashed through to end the long Howard Government incumbency. A loss will be judged as an impressive first tilt at high office yet to be attained… Latham will be a towering figure in Australian politics of the 21st century.

No wonder they’re on the big bucks.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey