The editors of Monash University’s student newspaper, Lot’s Wife, are often maligned for being soft lefties. So in their last edition, they asked for people from all political persuasions to write in with their views.

Con Helas, president of the Monash Liberal Club and electorate officer for Andrew Robb, took up the call. In the upcoming article, which found its way to Crikey’s inbox, he writes:

This year’s [Lot’s Wife] editors have been vocal in their editorials about wanting to publish a diversity of views. It is in this light, and against better judgement, that I take up their offer, and make this contribution. My disclaimer: I am one of those Liberals with which this publication has a somewhat unhealthy obsession towards. This article would like to explore some issues to which this newspaper often propagates on ….


The practice of multiculturalism would have to be the single greatest threat to civilisation. In saying this, I do support the interaction of different cultures, and I have no problem with people from all over the world making Australia their home, and bringing with them their soft culture. That being culinary delights, music, language and so forth. What I object to is the idea that every culture is equally as good as each other … It is not racist to believe and to state that the Anglo-Australian culture should hold primacy in our laws, and in civil society. The success of this country rests on the foundation of our inheritance from our English founders. Our ruin will be the passive acceptance of ideas and ways that chip away at that inheritance…


The idea that a woman can claim bodily autonomy when it comes to aborting the unborn child is not the exercise of her rights. Rather, it is the use of polite language to excuse the murder of the most vulnerable members in our society…

Traditional Family and Homosexual Unions

Attempts by progressives to introduce gay marriage by the backdoor (pun intended) via civil unions are nothing short of a subversive effort to attack the foundation of traditional society. As wrong as it may be to discriminate against an individual because of their sexual orientation, there is nothing wrong, and it is desirable, that we should support those societal structures, which we know from experience, work…


Thanks: Liberal Party of Australia and to 11 more years, Republicans (the American kind), organised religion, the traditional family, war on terror, John Howard’s mother and father at the time of his procreation, WorkChoices.

No Thanks: Australian Labor Party, The Greens, Republicans (the Australian kind), abortion clinics, multiculturalism, Lot’s Wife, Kevin Rudd’s mother and father at the time of his procreation, Zoe Edwards, Go, Al Gore — here’s an inconvenient truth, you lost in 2000 so get over it!

From an article that will apparently run in the next edition of Lot’s Wife.  

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey