I read the stories about the great load factor figures that Virgin and Air New Zealand have recorded for March with great interest today. 

Of course we’ve heard nothing from the mob over at Qantas and we won’t hear anything from them until Geoff and his cronies have stitched up their bonuses once the APA rort is in the bag.

However, hang around the Qantas Customer Service desk (a tautology in terms a lot of the time, as customer service is not always what they deliver!!) in any domestic airport in Australia at the moment, have a chat to the staff and have a look at the forward bookings (it’s easy, just try booking twenty domestic seats between two Australian hub cities in the next month – take care that you haven’t inadvertently ended up on a Jetstar flight, as so many travelling public unwittingly do!!). You will quickly realise that Qantas is going gangbusters.

This isn’t just an Easter rush, and it isn’t just due to school holiday travel, this has being going on since at least three weeks prior to Easter. Loads have been great, in fact better than great, they’ve been bumper loads.

Sitting in the airport of one of our capital city airports the other day from midday onwards and there was not one spare seat on a Qantas aircraft until after 6pm.

So what are the Qantas board doing, how are these figures not material to the APA rort that’s being offered up?

The opera ain’t over until the fat lady has sung and either way the cards fall, when she has finished her Aria, some hard questions need to be asked of the Qantas board, of Margaret Jackson and of Geoff Dixon. Why have they sold the public a bunch of half truths and misleading pessimism?

If there’s nothing to hide, why don’t they release their forward booking figures and with that information their anticipated forward profit predictions?

What are they hiding and why?