Primary support for the ALP is up 0.5% to 50%, according to the latest poll of federal voting intention from Roy Morgan Research. The Coalition’s primary vote has also risen, up one point to 35.5%.

And while the Government’s two-party preferred vote has risen by 0.5%, Labor leads by a massive 19 points, 59.5 to 40.5%.

Fifty five percent of voters – a drop of 1.5% — think Labor will win the next election, while 31.5% expect the Government will be returned, a rise of 0.5%.

“Despite the poor publicity received recently by Kevin Rudd, the ALP continues to perform well in the Morgan Poll, Australia’s only public opinion poll conducted by face-to-face interviews,” pollster Gary Morgan says. Morgan also has a message on IR:

Special Roy Morgan Research shows that 87% of the one million plus electors on AWAs are satisfied with the way they are employed,” he says, “which is slightly higher than the 84% of those electors on industrial-based awards, and 85% of those electors who maintain that they are on individual contracts who are satisfied with the way they are employed.

IR is the sleeper issue of this campaign and, with the ALP releasing their alternate IR policies on Wednesday, it will be interesting to see if they resonate with the public.