2GB is already making plans just in case the Parrot is jailed. There is a strategy and a crisis manager has been hired and his show will be covered by his regular fill-in, whose leave has been cancelled.

Re. The Safety, Rehabilitation, Compensation and Other Legislation. Yes, a “Defgram” dated 17 April confirms this. Because the majority of people travel to work in their cars, motor insurance would cover the affected parties, thus saving the Government some valuable election funds. This does pose a problem if someone rides to work though. There are plenty of APS cyclist here in Canberra.

Re: Fairfax Brisbane AWAs — there might be some pretty worked-up people in Sydney and Melbourne, but you’ll find the journalists in Brisbane are very happy — and oblivious to the dramas being stirred up outside the office. Do some digging and you’ll find not one person is unhappy with their conditions in Brisbane – and not one person is “disadvantaged”, as the MEAA claims.

Goodman Fielder, the Australian food company 20% owned by Burns Philp & Co., may be the subject of a private equity bid next month. Graeme Hart has already been contacted about the proposal.

Re. your Zimbabwe intro yesterday: Don’t forget that it’s Independence Day in Zimbabwe… what a paradox…