With her autobiography Untamed And Unashamed on shelves, Pauline Hanson sat down with the Sydney Star Observer‘s Sunny Burns for a chat about her take on homos-xuality.

“She’s controversial, coarse and definitely a bigot, so it’s presumed she hates gays,” writes the SSO. “Sunny Burns finds out if that theory is true.”

Here are some grabs from the interview:

SSO: In your maiden speech, [then adviser] John Pasquarelli included the word “homos-xual” when making reference to the taxpayer-funded money people unfairly received from the Government. Why did you decide to leave that out?

Pauline Hanson: Because I said to him, “John, what are you talking about?” He said, “Everyone knows about this.” It wasn’t true and I didn’t believe it, so I took it out. I don’t need to put something in the speech for publicity.

SSO: Back in 1998, you visited a gay nightclub with David Oldfield in Cairns. How was it?

PH: David turned up at the club later. He felt quite comfortable with it and it didn’t worry him. It was more determination. People were saying, “You’re not wanted here, so leave.” I can be a determined woman and I thought, “No, I was invited here.” I sat down and spoke to two lovely homos-xual men…

SSO: You have formed a friendship with Todd McKenney, who is gay and is set to be a father this year. With this friendship in mind, do you support same-s-x couples raising children?

PH: The woman is having the child and it’s Todd’s sp-rm. I’ve met his partner. I have concerns about it, whether it’s two women together or two men. The children should have two parents, mum and dad. I’m not going to lie about it, Todd is a great friend and what they do is their own business. If I go on and said yes to gay marriage, I wouldn’t be here any longer and neither would you. The whole point a husband and wife comes down to is that you have children and you bring them into the world…

SSO: Was [the] song [by Pauline Pantsdown (Simon Hunt’s famous drag persona)] Backdoor Man hard for you to hear?

PH: I have never come out against homos-xuals. It was all right for Simon to attack me and for him to put out a song saying that I’m a prost-tute and that I like children. So again, who cops all the bloody slack all the time? You will not find a comment of ridicule from me anywhere about the gay community. I welcome anyone into my home and befriend anyone and will take them on how they treat me. I do believe gays, if they want to share their love and pass on things to their partners, then do it through the legal channels. They should be permitted to do so.

SSO: Do you still believe we are in danger of being “swamped by Asians”?

PH: No, we are endangered of being swamped by Muslims.

For the full interview, head here.

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