From the postings on Iraq Body Count:

Terror claimed another 690 civilians lives this week, at least 21 of them children.

On Monday, 9 April, 45 lose their lives. Tens of thousands of peaceful protesters waving Iraqi flags and calling for US forces to leave Iraq march into Najaf, marking the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

On Tuesday, 10 April, 85 civilians are reported dead, 19 of them police recruits blown up by a suicide bomber at a police station in Muqdadiya. A shocking 34 are reported dead in a US/Iraqi raid in Baghdad, while 16 are found bound, tortured and executed in Baghdad, Falluja, Mahaweel and Kirkuk.

On the most peaceful day of the week, 42 die on Wednesday, 11 April. The dead include five policemen, a mother and her son killed in Mosul, a teacher shot dead in Baghdad, a radio journalist and her husband. Over 30 more bodies are found, while 18 unidentified bodies are buried in Kut.

Over 50 are killed on Thursday, 12 April. A suicide truck bomber kills 11 and blows up al-Sarafiya bridge in Baghdad. Up to 8 are reported killed when a bomb explodes in the Iraqi Parliament, inside the Green Zone, though the toll was later revised downwards. Among the dead on Thursday, three people killed during a US raid in Haditha and 13 bodies discovered in Baghdad and Kut.

Around 70 more are killed on Friday, 13 April. Among the dead, an imam killed with his brother on their way to the mosque in Mosul, a woman and her child blown up by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, two interpreters killed in an attack on US soldiers, and over 20 bodies found in Baghdad and Mosul.

Saturday, 14 April, is the worst day of the week, when around 110 die. A suicide bomber blows up a car at a busy bus station in Karbala, killing 47 civilians, 16 of them children. A further four are killed in clashes with the police after the bombing. Another car bomb kills 10 at Jadriya bridge in Baghdad, while police find 28 bodies in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Kut and Mosul.

The week ends with nearly 100 victims of violence on Sunday, 15 April, 80 of them in Baghdad. Among the victims, three children, blown up by car bombs that kill 18 in the Shurta al-Rabia area of Baghdad.

And overnight: A series of car bomb attacks in Shiite districts of Baghdad have killed at least 191 people.

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