A week after Crikey broke the story of the unintentionally pubic spread on page 25 of the relaunch edition of Dolly Magazine , the Daily Telegraph’s gossip pages have realised there’s a story in it.

Crikey reported why it happened and the consternation it had caused with major retailer, Woolworths refusing to stock it:

It has set off a firestorm inside Packer’s ACP Magazines and caused a leading outlet to ban the mag. The offending photo is of a model on a catwalk with the front of her skirt open, exposing the fact that she’s knicker-less. According to Dolly staff, this was to have been covered with some sort of sticker but this didn’t happen. The photo caption was all coy and suggestive at the same time:

Look Close

Ewww! Not that close

Ummm… We think you forgot something

Okay, so it’s probably rush, rush backstage at the fashion shows, but surely there’s always time for undies unless… Hang on, are you friends with Paris and Linds?

Word from ACP is that retailer Woolworths isn’t amused and is refusing to stock the magazine this issue. Now that is serious because PBL and Woolies are very close and it will cost money. One for PBL media Executive chairman, John Alexander, and his CEO, Ian Law. Both have responsibility for ACP Magazines.

Now the Tele is catching up and their story is all a little too late as the recall has already happened. According to them, editor Bronwyn McCahon “went to ground over the exposure debacle yesterday,” or what we like to call V-ginagate.

The Australian Newsagency Blog is reporting that newsagencies wanting to return the offending title are being refused:

Merchandisers are reportedly visiting major retailers to cover up some offending (explicit) images in the current issue of Dolly from ACP Magazines. Newsagents are not receiving the same service and when they contact the distributor (Network Services) wanting to early return the title because of they problem they are refused. I haven’t seen the images myself and cannot comment specifically. If the distributor is involved in cover-up action then this ought to be in all retail outlets and at their cost.

In the interests of keeping the public informed, Crikey ran out and found a copy of Dolly over the weekend.

Introducing the Crikey Sealed Section — if you really want to see the innocent part of the female anatomy at the centre of a big media storm …

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