Forget the US papers, it’s the live blogging of Virginia Tech students that tells the real story of the latest horrific US shootings which left 33 people dead:

  • My friend was the one who showed me the e-mail I had just missed. “Please stay put” read the subject , typos and all. “A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from windows.” My friend drew his blinds. That was when I grasped the severity of the situation. Disregarding orders, I made my way to the common area to look out the windows facing the Drillfield.  — Phillip Murillas, a freshman at Virginia Tech, on Washington Post’s Achenblog
  • As this blog has received international attention, I find myself wondering what the world has come to. The media watch dogs, no offense, have jumped on this story and on me for, as one anonymous user said, ‘exploit my emotions’. At this time I do not believe this is so, because to put it simply: I’m willing to share my experience. This is nothing special. I don’t deserve any credit. I went to class as any other student would. I just happened to be on the other side of campus when the shots were fired later in the day. For those that are interested, I will write a more complete narrative of my experiences of today later, once the media frenzy has died down and I have a minute to better reflect. As of the time I am writing this I have done a radio interview with BBC and talked with a reporter from the LA Times . CBC Newsworld, the Boston Herald , Current TV, and MTV have asked for interviews and further information.  — Ntcoolfool on LiveJournal 
  • Virginia Tech police chief Wendell Flinchum said that there has been a preliminary identification of the shooter in the incident that took place in Norris Hall but would not definitively state whether the shooter was the same as the one that left two dead in West Ambler Johnston Hall (image on right also from college media). —

  • “I was sitting in class when we heard loud popping noises a couple rooms down… The teacher and a student went into the hallway and rushed back in and told everybody to get down. We put a table against the door and had a few students holding down the door. The gunman tried to shoulder his way in and when he saw that he couldn’t, he put two shots through the door it was the scariest moment of my life…” — quote from Ruiqi Zhang, a computer engineering major, who was in Norris 205 this morning on Planet Blacksburg blog
  • It was insanity in front of my department this morning, and honestly… I’m in absolute shock. I’ve been jittery and nervous all morning and now I finally just want to cry. Not to be like “OMG LOOK AT ME” but there is nothing more terrifying than knowing you’re locked in somewhere and can’t get out and there are twenty ambulances and cop cars and gunshots and you’re watching the news while it’s going on outside your window and just… yeah…. — Jadediva on LiveJournal
  •’s Brendan Kennedy has been scanning for reaction from Virginia Tech students, both former and present, who used the college networking site to vent, contact loved ones and console each other in the wake of today’s Blacksburg shootings. Washington Post blog roundup
  • Right as she picks up the phone she tells me “I got red on me” I laugh, and immediately try to find out if shes hurt or what to expect, and she lets me know that shes fine, stable, good, not hurt…only slightly. The story goes that she was in class and they heard a banging, her teacher opened the door to find out what was going on, and after not seeing anything, closed the door. Not more than two seconds later, a gunman entered her room, to which the class responded by getting underneath the desks and basically hiding as well as possible from this guy. He then shot at the class somewhere between 8 to 12 times and then left. Kate was hit in the hand by a stray bullet, after speaking with her on the phone while she was/is at the hospital, I found out that she still has a piece of a bullet lodged into her hand, and has fractions on her index and pinkey finger. — Icantread01 on LiveJournal
  • I was Maxine’s date on Friday for Alpha Omega Epsilon (engineering sorority) formals. She had German class this morning in Norris — one of the classes where a lot of people were shot — and she never came back from it. No one knows where she is. Her mother has called all of the hospitals in the area, and nothing. — Aciel on LiveJournal   

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