Fresh from his Sunrise false dawn scandal, Kevin Rudd is set to appear on Mornings with Kerri-Anne tomorrow, where he is slated to cook a chocolate cake.

Rudd has gone media lite this past month — take this snapshot from our friends at Media Monitors:

  • 11th April, Channel 10 (National Australia) Nine AM with David and Kim: Rudd explains the business activities of his wife and discusses the extent of her success. He says that he is proud of her achievements. He says that his wife should be treated separately from him.  
  • 11th April, Breakfast, NOVA 100.3 (Melbourne) Breakfast with Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes:  Caller Rebecca asks does Rudd have a My Space page? Rudd says he hasn’t had a chance to access his MySpace in a while — his media team usually do that. Langbroek and Hughesy both agree that Rudd is starting to build s-x appeal. Rudd reveals he once received a letter from a 67-year-old woman who thought he was alright.
  • 13th April, 2DAY FM (Sydney) The Kyle and Jackie O Show: Newsreader Geoff asks Rudd to make a cameo appearance in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert — The Musical with him, Kyle and Jackie. Rudd says he will consider it…Rudd says the last time he cried was at his mother’s funeral. Kyle cries when watching Touched By an Angel on Foxtel. Rudd’s favourite show is The Simpsons . He is a Virgo, doesn’t read horoscopes. Rudd text messages all the time and owns a BlackBerry as well. He sometimes flicks through gossip magazines such as NW, New Idea .
  • 13th April, Triple M (Sydney), Breakfast with Marty Sheargold and Fifi Box: Marty says he wants to fire staff for not bringing in his coffee today. Rudd says he’d better wait until Labor changes the unfair workplace relations’ laws.

Kevin knows how to talk to the kids, but bruised and battered after his resignation from the Sunrise family, should the Labor leader be a little more wary of a Kerri-Anne appearance this week?

Think back to 1996 and Midday with Kerri-Anne , when the Treasurer indulged in a little dance craze called the Macarena that he’s never really lived down.

The Treasurer reunited with Kerri-Anne during the 2004 election campaign, and this time he had something in his pocket.

As The SMH reported, smiling nervously, the Treasurer agreed to have a large python draped around his neck, and also appeared with a goose and a koala:

The snake soon worked its way under Mr Costello’s jacket and then buried its tail firmly in the treasurer’s left trouser pocket.

“Is that a python in my pocket?” he responded.

“Excuse me, python. Don’t worry, there’s nothing in that pocket.

“He’s looking for a bit of tax relief in there.”

Then it was Mark Latham’s turn. His appearance, during which he cooked Thai chicken curry and talked about his fish Nemo, resulted in this rather unfortunate shot of the doomed Labor leader standing next to load of horse sh-t:


Don’t put your foot in it, Kevin.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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