Protecting Peter. Some fascinating pre-ALP National Conference uranium debate spin. Crikey understands that sections of the left are opposing any relaxation to uranium policy because of the damage it could do to campaign asset Peter Garrett. What about their leader? What about the damage a rebuff on a resources policy in the middle of a resources boom will do to Kevin Rudd?

Jihad on the English language. Shadow Attorney-General Joe Ludwig appears to have watched one too many jihad videos and declared war on the English language. In a media release yesterday he wanted “Ruddock to request and immediate review of the decision” to grant jihad videos a PG rating, adding “This is a film that urges parents to make send their kids”.

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Here’s one for all the kitsch fans out there. The latest newsletter from the European Commission’s Delegations to Australia and New Zealand invites one and all to an official function in Canberra on Sunday, 13 May to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. If you really want to know, further details are available at [email protected].