Goodness, they’re a sensitive lot these bloggers aren’t they? One minute they’re going on about how they’re single-handedly changing the face of media and political reporting as we know it (when really they spend most days photoshopping giant sea lions holding inanimate objects), the next they’re insisting that they’re high-ranking emo and you’re not to say a bad word about them lest their feelings be bruised.

Now they’re talking about enforcing an official Code of Conduct, whereby some kind of animated badge informs browsing citizens that they are visiting a Blog Of Some Repute and if they don’t Mind Their Manners they’ll be unceremoniously turfed off and left to wallow on YouTube looking up videos of He-Man being gay with Skeletor.

As a pro-blogger of almost three years standing (I am allowed to call myself pro now as I once won a Bloggie award and Andrew Bolt has paid me a mild amount of attention), I have been subjected to my fair share of vitriolic abuse. Mostly it is directed at me from those on the opposite side of the political sphere who seem unable to fathom that, perhaps, given our passionately opposing social leanings we might possibly not on be the best of terms. Some of the more colourful quippers have referred to me as a ‘walking late-term abortion’, or decided unanimously that the reason my great-aunty committed suicide was because I was ‘obviously so untalented’.

To be honest, I couldn’t really give two-thirds of a flying fig what some snot-nose faceless interdork assumes about me and my life/family/s-xual persuasion. If they choose to rampage over to my blog and leave abusive obiters it’s entirely up to them.

As Evil Overlord of my, I choose not to delete commenters, and presumably if I’m free to imply that, perhaps, certain members of the Federal Government have poor personal hygiene and a penchant for Andrew Lloyd-Webber Eurobeat remixes, then others are free to pass the same judgement about me. Blogging has given me a thick skin and impeccable manners and anyone who needs me to tote a badge to prove it can go f-ck themselves.

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