NSW Libs won’t take out the garbage. The NSW Liberal Party faithful received their LibMail spam on Wednesday, informing them that nominations for Reps and Senate seats had been opened on 5 April and would close at midday on Monday 16. NSW Liberal sources from all factions tell Crikey this that state executive decided on the dates around 4 April, but didn’t let anybody know for a week, leaving potential candidates with only three working days to find people to nominate them and fix the paperwork. Very democratic. Crikey understands the fix has been designed to discourage anyone from upsetting the status quo. Indeed, one source even says that the PM wants things to stay the way they are. They won’t. It seems almost certain that key right strategist Nick Campbell will nominate for Mitchell, where Alan Cadman has been gathering cobwebs for more than three decades.

The Latham legacy. So Iron Mark made an impression on the nation’s capital after all. Take a dekko at the Sydney Morning Herald’s rugby league pages. They preview Monday’s game featuring the “Canberra Roosters”.

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