Interesting that the Australian got stuck into Jones this morning, even bannering “Guilty” across the front page, while the Daily Telegraph attacked ACMA. If you remember, the thing that brought for NSW police minister Carl Scully undone last year was his failure to release a police report into the Cronulla riots, or rather his denial that such a report was completed. What is interesting is the speculation about why Scully didn’t want it released was because of its criticism of Jones over exactly the same broadcasts that ACMA has now attacked him on. So it isn’t just ACMA, it was the NSW Police as well. And give the furious response of Jones now, perhaps Carl Scully did the Iemma government a favour in trying to prevent that first report seeing the light of day.

The ATO’s half-billion dollar client management program crashed spectacularly last week. ATO has a staff base of 20,000. Siebel reached critical mass and crashed when less than 2000 people logged on. Banks and telcos have been deserting Siebel in droves. ATO sticks with it only because of contractual obligations and all senior mgmt are fuming at the system’s inability to provide even basic client management support.

It seems that as soon as Bill Shorten turns his attention away from the AWU and onto The Lodge – all manner of strange things happen at the AWU. Tonya Stevens, an organiser (and wife of ex Victorian minister Andre Haermeyer ), has been sacked and Peter Smoljko another organiser has “quit”. Smoljko was an elected official with a number of years to run before facing the voters. Something very amiss is happening at the AWU .

I have just received my latest Telstra dividend payment, but it arrived WITHOUT the cheque that normally accompanies it. If I hadn’t been aware I may not have made a call to find out why the cheque had not been sent with the dividend statement. When I DID enquire, I was told that Telstra had decided that it was now making it mandatory that all dividend payments are paid electronically. As a shareholder wishing to receive a cheque I was never informed about this, nor did my current divided statement explain why my cheque was missing. Asking further, I was told that a) I could either fill in the electronic direct credit form (which I don’t want to do) or I could wait for the cheque to arrive. When I asked how long that would take, I was told 15 weeks – that’s OVER 3 MONTHS that Telstra will now hang onto my money without having informed me. This stinks of interest grabbing – if you add the total cheque payments up for holders such as me, the interest over 3 months must be HUGE.

Peter Fray

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