Journalists like no story better than the one about other journalists – but The Australian seems to have really let this infatuation get the better of it. It’s given Maxine McKew an op-ed today – plus a teaser in the news section.

When we called the Queensland Liberals to find out if they have a candidate in Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith, the person answering the phone didn’t actually know (why are we not surprised?).

But whatever the case, we’re sure The Australian will pay them the same courtesy as they’ve paid McKew. We look forward to seeing their views gracing the pages of the national broadsheet.

And we should thank The Oz for giving us the perfect peg for an entirely gratuitous journos on journos story of our own that features the Labor candidate for Bennelong.

Several years back McKew and her ABC colleague, the genial PM host Mark Colvin, were both up for the same Walkley. McKew won.

Interestingly, Colvin’s great uncle was Stanley Melbourne Bruce – the only sitting prime minister to lose his seat in a general election. So far…

PS: Our friends at Media Monitors tell us that since 1 March there have been 15,028 mentions of John Howard, 8247 of Kevin Rudd and 380 of McKew.

Is any other candidate scoring so well?