While Wesfarmers is taking out newspaper ads nationwide to plug its Coles bid, a consortium of telcos is taking on Telstra online.

The site, T4 Tell the Truth Telstra is the brainchild of “eleven of Australia’s top telecommunications and internet companies” including AAPT, Austar, iiNet, Internode, Macquarie Telecom, Powertel, Primus Telecom, Telarus, TransACT, WestNet and Unwired.

Optus, leader of that other broadband consortium, is notable in its absence.

T4 has sent a letter to the ACCC detailing alleged misrepresentations by Telstra and says it aims to:

  • Create an environment where there is fair competition for investment and customers.
  • Provide better and more affordable telecommunications services to all Australians.
  • Generate an honest debate around the state of telecommunications in Australia.
  • Help MP’s [sic], regulators and members of the public gather the facts on broadband and telecommunications regulation in Australia.

The site exposes and busts what it calls such Telstra-perpetuated myths as: “Only Telstra has the proven size, vision, leadership, commitment and capability to deliver the next generation of broadband across Australia. It will cost billions of dollars to build Australia’s national broadband infrastructure. Only Telstra can make this investment, just as it has always built the networks Australians rely upon.”

Telstra itself eagerly tapped into self-promotion and myth-busting via the worldwide web with its nowwearetalking site — in fact one of its current top stories, “Watchdog whacked“, targets the ACCC. Now it looks like it has a little competition.