So Hugh Morgan, Robert Champion de Crespigny and Ron Walker are pursuing nuclear energy because of their deep and shared conviction that something needs to be done about global warming … right? Perhaps not. Morgan explains the rationale to Jon Faine on ABC Melbourne radio this morning:

Jon Faine: Have you seen Al Gore’s film?

Hugh Morgan: (clears throat) I have.

JF: What did you think of An Inconvenient Truth?

HM: I thought the whole thing was a Hollywood beat-up of monumental proportions.

JF: Do you believe in global warming?

HM: Ah, I believe that there’s been climate change.

JF: Because of?

HM: Ah, maybe part of anthropological issues but because ah, there are other explanations for which many people have not been prepared to turn their minds to.

JF: But you’re still prepared to talk about nuclear power as a cheap alternative because of climate change, although you’re not sure it’s in fact, the climate change phenomenon that this nuclear industry would be based upon is caused by…

HM: Yes I’m very relaxed about this.

JF: … the very things you’d exploit to create this new industry?

HM: Sure. In other words … The practicality of this is that the community mood is going to demand higher energy cost. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter whether it’s based on fact, the fact of life is this is what the community is demanding.

JF: So a complete mistake being made by the bulk of the population around the world at the moment to link global warming with greenhouse gas emissions is something you’ll cheerfully exploit to create a nuclear power industry?

HM: Not at all. If that’s what the community wants, I’m there to help them.

JF: Even if they’re wrong?

HM: Well that’s happened a lot in the past, we’ve had many occasions when the community has gone in a particular direction and actually hasn’t got its assessment right on many issues but that’s not the point … I think that the community needs to make sure it has a basket of options about its power sources. It would be wrong to dismiss the nuclear option from its basket of commitments to ensure that the community has a regular, reliable supply of electricity.

Listen to the full audio here.

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