Warning: Gratuitous lapin-centric Easter yarn follows.

 There’s been an update on Germany’s giant bunnies, for those who may have missed the story.

In late January, SBS World News was  reporting one German pensioner’s plan to feed North Korea’s hungry — with his giant bunnies. The size of dogs (or very large cane toads), each rabbit weighs up to ten kilos with enough meat to feed seven people.

So Karl Szmolinsky sent 12 of his precious rabbits to Pyongyang for breeding purposes. It was a bold scheme … until North Korean officials ate the breeding stock.

At least, that’s what Szmolinsky suspects has happened, reports Der Spiegel. The German was due to visit the bunnies after Easter to see how they were getting on, but North Korea has cancelled the trip.

And it’s not hard to imagine Kim Jong Il licking his chops over the giant fur balls. “Shhhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet; I’m hunting wabbits, heheheheheheh.”

PIC & PUN: Courtesy of Herald Sun , 4/2/07