Corby sues Seven. The complexities of the Schapelle Corby story continue to ensnare sections of the Australian media. Her sister, Mercedes Corby, is now suing the Seven Network, Today Tonight host Anna Coren and reporter Brian Seymour, and Jodi Power, a former friend of Schapelle Corby who made the original drug allegations back in February. And more details have emerged on the Corby family “exclusive arrangement” with Nine and ACP Magazines. The Corby family has an allegedly non-monetary exclusive arrangement with Nine which lasts until a week after Schapelle Corby is released from jail. But a story in The Australian this morning revealed that  Australian Women’s Weekly paid $110,000 to publish an extract from My Story , the memoir Corby co-wrote with Kathryn Bonella (who was a 60 Minutes producer when she started working on the Corby story). Court documents show that Pan Macmillan paid $350,000 for the rights to Schapelle Corby’s story, which the federal Director of Public Prosecutions wants seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.  — Glenn Dyer

No hot properties, please. Putting cancer clusters behind them: the hunt is on for a new ABC Brisbane HQ.

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: After Nine’s win on the “holiday” Sunday evening, a return to normal 2007 programming last night as Seven moved back to the top of the leaderboard. Led by Today Tonight which was the top program with 1.525 million viewers, Seven had five of the top 10 programs. Seven News was second with 1.495 million, followed by Desperate Housewives (1.479 million), The Rich List  (1.338 million) and Nine’s 1 vs 100  (1.338 million). Nine News was next with 1.315 million, Ten’s The Biggest Loser (elimination ep.) averaged 1.273 million and Bondi Rescue was solid with 1.255 million at 8pm. Nine’s A Current Affair had 1.187 million and Home And Away  averaged 1.177 million. Seven’s 9.30pm soap, Brothers And Sisters averaged 1.114 million and the 7pm ABC News had 1.080 million. Then came CSI New York at 9.30pm with 984,000 for a repeat, Temptation  with 939,000, Australian Story with 809,000 and Mythbusters  with 636,000.

The Losers: Nine’s repeats just didn’t fire, CSI New York and What’s Good for You at 7.30pm (just 794,000 which was a distant fourth behind Seven, Ten and the ABC’s 7.30 Report and Australian Story ).

News & CA: Seven News won nationally and in every market but Sydney. Seven News won by 180,000 nationally and 107,000 in Perth. Today Tonight had a clean sweep in all five metro markets. ACA is still finding it difficult to break through the 1.2 million mark and stay there. The ABC News did well at 7pm and The 7.30 Report did likewise, averaging 887,000 viewers. Lateline averaged 268,000 and Lateline Business, 123,000. A Difference of Opinion at 9.35pm looked at being Muslim in Australia and averaged 494,000. Ten News averaged 827,000 and the Late News/ Sports Tonight 360,000. SBS News averaged 221,000 at 6.30pm and 190,000 at 9.30pm. Nine’s The Catch Up averaged 203,000 at 1pm. 7am Sunrise averaged 406,000, 7am Today 251,000.

The Stats: Seven won with a share of 31.7% (31.8%) from Nine with 25.0% (25.1%, Ten with 21.1% (21.9%), the ABC with 14.5% (14.4%) and SBS on 7.7% (6.8%). Seven won all five metro markets. Nine leads the week 27.7% to 25.9%. In regional Australia a win to Prime/7Qld with 29.8% to WIN/NBN on 26.3% for Nine, Southern Cross (Ten) with 21.1%), the ABC with 14.1% and SBS with 8.7%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Seven took a deliberate decision to run dead on Sunday night, Nine did likewise last night but that was to husband scarce programming. Seven still needs to win out of ratings now that it is ahead overall and has momentum.  1 v 100 did well because it was original programming, but running a repeat of the dying program, What’s Good For You at 7.30pm ruined the night completely. Eddie’s program added over half a million viewers from What’s Good For You , a good effort. Tonight Seven goes the “highlights” package from Dancing With The Stars at 7.30pm, a new All Saints at 8.30pm and Crossing Jordan at 9.30pm. Ten’s NCIS could do some damage at 8.30pm if it wasn’t a repeat while Nine starts I Shouldn’t be Alive at 7.30pm, the re-voiced Discovery Channel offering and then has more swimming at 8.30pm. The ABC has a mixed bag and SBS has Insight . And I loved South Park last night and its merciless send up of climate guru Al Gore. Hilarious and cynical. It’s what’s missing from local TV, a program which takes no prisoners in sending up pollies, the media, TV, business, sport etc.