(CONFIDENTIAL AUSTEO – Australian, US Eyes Only)

To: White House, Washington, Office of the Vice-President

From: Parliament House, Canberra, Office of the Prime Minister

Re: Memorandum of understanding on agreed handover of David Hicks

Just to confirm details discussed last week during the VP’s Sydney visit. Might we say at this point that we appreciate Mr Cheney’s understanding of the domestic sensitivity relating to this issue.

1. That the charging and arraignment of David Hicks (hereafter ”the terrorist”) will be attended to as a matter of immediate urgency.

2. That these charges will be modified in such a way as to both allow lenient sentencing and encourage the terrorist’s defence team to plea bargain.

3. That no bargain will be entered into that would allow the release of the terrorist before the appropriate moment in the Australian electoral cycle, viz: no sooner than December 2007.

4. That a stipulation of any bargained release be the on-going silence of the terrorist.

5. That this silence will extend to his legal advisors.

6. That the terrorist get a decent haircut and a suit.