Stern’s climate blueprint ‘already in action’: Much of what climate change economist Sir Nicholas Stern has proposed to counter climate change is already being done by Australia, Prime Minister John Howard says. Mr Howard today said he looked forward to discussing climate issues with Sir Nicholas when they met. He said Sir Nicholas favoured clean coal technology and the Australian government had seed funded projects to a value of $3 billion for clean coal and renewables technology. The Australian

European Union’s climate change goals will cost €1 trillion: The EU’s new climate change goals will cost up to €1.1 trillion (£747bn) to implement over the next 14 years, according to a new study. The most comprehensive investigation on managing the economics of climate change paints a daunting picture of the EU’s plan to decrease greenhouse gases by at least 20% by 2020. But the study by the consulting firm McKinsey published in a German newspaper yesterday, argues it is both economically and technically possible to reduce emissions on schedule, but that the political effort necessary will be immense. Guardian

Rising seas put one in 10 at risk: One in 10 people in the world, mostly in Asia, live in coastal areas at risk from rising seas and more powerful storms that may be caused by global warming, an international study shows. The researchers urged governments to make billion-dollar policy shifts to encourage more settlements inland rather than in coastal regions from China to Florida that may suffer ever more storm surges and erosion. The Age

Anti-burp pill for cows could save planet: A  pill that cuts flatulence in cows has been developed in Germany as a way of tackling the smelliest contributor to climate change. Methane gas produced by cows is responsible for 4 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, according to scientific estimates. ninemsn

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