ANZ are to significantly increase the amount of points required to redeem “rewards” on their credit card reward program as of 1 April. When are they planning to tell their card holders? Sometime afterwards, with the mail-out being deliberately planned by ANZ to commence in mid-April. Staff have been told to explain it by saying the information has been released yesterday on the ANZ website. Really? You’d be hard pressed to find it – I couldn’t.

I was in Sydney last Thursday afternoon, queuing up to check in at Virgin Blue, to come back to Melbourne. Bob Carr was behind me, alone, in the queue with his bags going somewhere — isn’t he supposed to have a gold pass and fly business class for this rest of his life or something?

Don’t know if you’ve picked this up, but defence lawyer for Henry Kaye — the embodiment of rampant capitalism? — is Melbourne barrister Mark Taft, former national secretary of the Communist Party of Australia.

Community TV Adelaide, ACMA has no idea… C31 Adelaide Limited has been running under the CBAA’s code of practice for CTV, however as a trial licence holder they should be running under the ASTRA code of practice. The funny thing is the station has not been able to comply with either code of practice and an investigation has just (finally) been launched into them, after a complaint from a member of a rival group seeking the licence.