Federal frontbencher Andrew Robb yesterday boasted that the government has “created more than 260,000 new jobs since WorkChoices came in”. Two more very short-term positions seem set to appear.

An email yesterday called for applications for two positions with the Queensland Libs, a senior political/campaign adviser’s role and a plain vanilla campaign adviser’s post.

“The successful applicants will play a pivotal role in the Howard Government’s re-election campaign in Queensland,” it read.

The brief also calls for “Excellent organisational skills and superior attention to detail … An ability to work under pressure while exercising sound judgment and discretion is a necessity.”

Presumably this means that the applicant must be able to make sure spending on MPs’ printing allowances are all above board – or that they can run slush fund skim accounts without being caught.

The email appears to have only been sent to Coalition MPs and Senators. And while neither position seems quite right for a disgraced Senator, Queensland Liberal sources suspect the ad could well be part of a job creation scheme for a disgraced Senator’s staff.

Santo Santoro had an office chockers with young faction dudes and dudettes – all of who are coming onto the jobs market at the end of the week.