According to a correspondent to one of the more rabid gun lobby websites, the NSW branch of the Sporting Shooters Association has donated a massive $250,000 to the Shooters Party NSW election campaign without calling a general meeting to obtain the approval of 75% of members as required by itsconstitution.The Sydney branch has also allegedly donated $100,000 to the campaign without the approval of members).

A Senior Counsel’s opinion that the donations were unconstitutional is also on the web here

The opinion argues that the relevant clause in the SSAA’s constitution “serves the important purpose of securing member control over the payments of funds”. If the opinion is correct, the committee of SSAA NSW just gave away $250,000 illegally.

Now where this story really starts to sizzle is that the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, made hugely wealthy by the post-Port Arthur gun laws– which compelled all licensed gun owners to join a shooting club like the Sporting Shooters Association, pay its annual fees, plus attend a minimum number of club events/political training sessions each year — has now used some of that that cash, without the consent of its members, to support a political party determined to get into parliament to gut the very laws that resulted in them being flush with money.