• “Well Australia’s interests are best enhanced by the world community taking action collectively to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of rogue states, and thereby run the risk those weapons will fall into the hands of international terrorists. That’s why we’re involved in this. That’s why I’m concerned. Australia’s interest lies in a world which is rid of rogue states having weapons of mass destruction.” February 8, 2003
  • “I simply conclude by saying that this motion is about sending a message not only to the Australian people but to the world that it is never the Australian way to cut and run, it is never the Australian way to look as though you might have been intimidated by terrorists, it is never the Australian way to allow our foreign policy to be influenced by terrorists and it will never be the Australian way to let down our close friends and allies.” March 30, 2004

  • “Next month, the Australian Government will increase our troop deployment in Iraq … This was a difficult decision, but eight million brave Iraqi voters helped convince me it was the right one. Of course, the choice is ours. We can choose to turn inward or we can lend a hand for freedom at a moment when the voices of democratic hope are being heard right across the Middle East from Iraq to Saudi Arabia; from Lebanon to Egypt.” March 31, 2005

  • “Just before you ask me any questions, I want to make a comment about Mr Beazley’s commitment to pull Australian troops out of Iraq if he were to become Prime Minister. If every country were to do that, we would guarantee a victory for the terrorists in Iraq, it’s as simple as that. Whatever views people may have about the original decision to go into Iraq, it’s elementary commonsense that if all countries cut and run, as Mr Beazley advocates Australia should do under his Prime Ministership, then that would guarantee a victory for the terrorists in Iraq and that would give an enormous worldwide boost to the cause of terrorism.” September 28, 2006

  • “It’s been tougher than I expected but it’s not a disaster when people, in the face of the most fearful intimidation, vote on three occasions to embrace democracy.” November 20, 2006

  • “What Iraq and its people need now is time, not a timetable; our patience, not political positioning. They require our resolve, not our retreat …  I hope critics of our involvement recognise the need to honour our obligations to the Iraqis and to help them towards a more stable future … What the Iraqi people need most is our sticking power in their midst. I do not want our forces in Iraq one day longer than necessary. But to signal our departure now would be against Australia’s national interest.” March 21, 2007

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