David Oldfield is cleaning out his NSW Upper House office this week to leave politics forever. He will take his taxpayer funded pension with him, to “develop some assets in Manly.”

It’s eight years since Oldfield won his seat in the NSW parliament and he owes his windfall totally to the naivete and inexperience of Pauline Hanson.

Oldfield was once employed by Tony Abbott and his disloyalty to his old boss while he was busy wooing Pauline Hanson has been well documented. He attended the launch of One Nation while still on Abbott’s payroll and Abbott has never forgiven his treachery.

Oldfield always kept his distance from me as he was busy orchestrating my sacking from Pauline’s office and from speaking to people associated with him I gained the impression that he was not considered to be “a man’s man.” I was faintly amused to hear of his predilection with cosmetics and lip balm!

The latest Hanson/Oldfield kerfuffle has provided great sport for the media and John Howard must wish it would go on forever to distract public attention from Santo and his mob.

Pauline Hanson has been almost naively honest about her past life and her autobiography should provide a good launching pad for her final run at federal politics. If she succeeds she will have rewritten Australian political history – yet again!