Climate change cures may be worse than the disease: When Canadian climate scientist Andrew Weaver considers the idea of tinkering with Earth’s air, water or sunlight to fight global warming, he remembers the lessons of a favourite children’s book. In the book, a cheese-loving king’s castle is infested with mice. So the king brings in cats to get rid of the mice. Then the castle’s overrun with cats, so he brings in dogs to get rid of them, then lions to get rid of the dogs, elephants to get rid of the lions, and finally, mice to get rid of the elephants. Globe and Mail

Sea lion decline linked to “junk food” fish: Three decades after a change in ocean climate began creeping into the North Pacific, a team of scientists asserts with unprecedented vigour in a new report that the change is the central culprit in the crash of Alaska’s western sea lion population. Anchorage Daily News

Sun’s pulse “pointing to rain”: Drought-breaking rains across eastern Australia have been predicted in new modelling by a scientist who believes massive pulses in the sun’s magnetic field are helping to drive the Earth’s climate systems. If proven, the research will make the prediction of floods and droughts in Australia far more reliable and influence models projecting future climate change.

Home savings virtually negligible: Saving water around the house will not help solve Australia’s water crisis, a water-use expert has warned. Productivity Commissioner Neil Byron told The Age that using run-off from the shower to water plants, or turning the tap off while brushing teeth, might make people feel good about saving water, but the amount saved was a drop in the ocean compared with the amount used in Australia every day. The Age

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