The final word. Santo Santoro’s e-newsletter appeared within 45 minutes of his resignation on Friday. It finishes with a “Quote for the Week ‘Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as reality in your own mind’ – Bruce Lee”. Here’s hoping Santoro has had time to get his head around his situation over the past few days. There was talk even before the official resignation of a fundraiser being canned. The smell of death, it was felt, would scare off well-heeled and deep-pocketed diners. Now, it’s being strongly suggested in the Sunshine State that if – when? – anything more comes out, he’ll be dropped down the Liberal Senate ticket.

Pauline pantsdown. “I did not have s-x with that woman,” David Oldfield claims in the Sydney Morning Herald today in response to his old boss’s claims they were an item. Some old Canberra hands, however, wonder what happened the evening Hanson and Noel Crichton-Browne left the legendary Manuka drinking hole La Grange, hand-in-hand, after a night on the dancefloor. Nothing happened, we’re reliably informed. And the same for when Eric Abetz seemed to be very friendly towards his fellow redhead.

Way ahead of the CCC. Was Sesame Street on to Western Australia’s most famous lobbyist long before the Corruption and Crime Commission ever was? Follow this link for the damning admission “I am the villain in the panama hat…”

Who’s naughty and nice on Santo’s list? In case you missed it, the list of Senator Santo Santoro’s interests, as declared:

For the document in full, click here (Warning: this file is rather large).

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