I represent a stockbroking firm that has conducted a secondary market for CBio shares (which is an unlisted public company) security for the last three years. We are intrigued by the fact that Mr Santoro sold his CBio shares at $6.00. We have not recorded a sale anywhere near this. $5.20 is the highest recorded sale that we know of. Our existing market in CBio shares offer 25,000 CBio at $3.25 each. Mr Santoro also states that he was recommended the shares by his financial planner Mr Alan Baker from Retirewell. Mr Baker is a very close business associate of Mr Stephen Jones who is the Chairman of CBio and Dr Michael Monsour who is a director. Who did buy these shares at $6.00?

Is it possible that the 67-year-old Prime Minister could be a grandfather by the time the election rolls round?

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre has bought a couple of thousand seats on a mobile system to use at the Water Polo events next week. Unfortunately, when they tried to use hydraulics to lift the system that failed, then they had cranes to lift it up and discovered that the rake is about 20 degrees too low. So the patrons in that grandstand won’t see more than half of the pool. The permanent seats at MSAC are 32 degrees so why did the CEO take it upon himself to buy seats when they could have hired a proper system that worked. Also the Victorian Building Control Commission should ask why it hasn’t been asked to approve the purchased system.

SBS Radio is to be restructured, a move driven by Shaun Brown, the head of the organisation who wants to see more ratings, revenue and “results”. Rumoured changes include the system of station managers going and an editorial manager based in Sydney and an administration manager based in Melbourne. If the word is right there could be a highly placed casualty. There have already been reports that people doing specialist weekly radio programs have been pressured (nicely) to insert advertising material into some of their copy. Apart from shoving the head of SBS Radio last year, SBS Radio had thus far experienced little of the restructuring that has gone on in TV.