Are we supposed to believe this? At a time when the Bush Administration is facing stiff criticism in a variety of domestic scandals as well as for its conduct of the Iraq war, Mohammed’s confessionhas quickly become a focus of cable TV and other media coverage, a reminder of America’s ongoing battle against international terrorism. — Daily Kos

KSM stole the milk money. The entire gamut of all the crimes Bush, Howard, Blair, every neo-con journalist and all other crazies who put their two-bob’s worth into the “War on Terror” over the past five years, the lot… have been confessed to by Khalid Shiekh Mohammed at Guantanamo today. — The Road To Surfdom

Good news. It didn’t take long for the ‘America tortures prisoners’ comments to start. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confessions should be good news, but some can’t be happy with that. — Right Truth

KSM confesses to everything ever. We’re not entirely sure if we buy that he’s responsible for all 31 plots he mentioned. Which includes, the stock market crash of 1929, suckiness of second Star Wars trilogy and Bruce Springsteen’s career-long failure to get a number 1 single. — Wonkette

Gaming the system. This news of Mohammed’s confession in front of the CSRT will land with a thud. It is not new news. His claims to being involved in a large number of other real and would-be attacks have a tinge of hyperbole to them. — Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying

Peter Fray

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