Labor offers green relief to car industry: Labor has moved to position itself as the champion of struggling car manufacturers with a $500 million fund to encourage local production of environmentally friendly vehicles. The fund, to be in place from 2011, is designed to promote the research and development of low-emission vehicles. It also aims to make car production less damaging to the environment. The Age

Gore brings green message to Brown and Cameron: Al Gore, the failed contender for the US Presidency who reinvented himself as a campaigner against global warming, heaped praise evenly yesterday on Gordon Brown and David Cameron for the “leadership” they have shown in dealing with environmental problems. Mr Gore had a private meeting with the Conservative shadow cabinet before seeing Mr Brown in Downing Street. Independent

Help  I can’t see the revolution: Whatever the truth about climate change, one thing getting dangerously overheated is the language used in the political “war” on global warming. Just this week the leader of Her Majesty’s Government declared the Climate Change Bill a “revolutionary measure”, while the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition pledged “a second front in the green revolution”. Times Online

US says this was world’s warmest recorded winter: This has been the world’s warmest winter since record-keeping began more than a century ago, the US government agency that tracks weather reported on Thursday. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said the combined global land and ocean surface temperature from December through February was at its highest since records began in 1880. Reuters

Tasmanian devils may bite the dust: The Tasmanian Devil, a rare carnivorous marsupial found only on Australia’s southern island state of Tasmania, faces extinction in ten to 20 years without a cure for the facial cancer now decimating the population. With half the population of this fierce, black furry animal now wiped out, leaving less than 75,000 devils, Professor Hamish McCallum at the University of Tasmania is battling to establish offshore colonies of healthy devils. CNN International