Thanks to the wonder that is Babelfish, we present the following account from China’s TY newsagency of president George W. Bush’s issues with alcohol abuse and the damage, potentially irreperable – that his drinking is doing to his marriage. We thought you’d want to know.

President Bush faced with the marital crisis, the fatigue pulls wants to divorce once more with excessive drinking Bush! This news by the American well-known Eight Diagrams magazine as the title page was round the world reported promotes on 29th. American first family really faced with crisis?

According to US “Round the world” the magazine reported that, Mr. and Mrs. Bush’s close friend disclosed, after their last because Bush excessive drinking quarrels, each other again did not speak. Although in front of the public situation or the camera, they also maintains is being intimate condition.

The fatigue pulls also is displays to the husband the support, but two people actually are in private are indifferent relatively. A Bush nearly for more than year comes, faced with the pressure is more and more big.

Because the hurricane disaster occurred when last year, the direction disaster relief is disadvantageous, brings in entire country to scold a sound piece, the support rate also falls to the most low point. Last September, Bush made a fresh start massively drinks, anaesthetized with the ethyl alcohol oneself.

The fatigue pulls the behavior which is deliberately bad to Bush this kind extremely to be discontented, frequently quarrels with him. She also once suggested two people looked together psychological doctor, makes the marital aspect the consultation, but encounters Bush to reject. In order to save the marriage, even undergoes the cosmetology surgery.

A beautician will contrast the fatigue to pull short-term two pictures, thought she in the near future face skin obviously compared to before tied tight brightly and cleanly, the eye bag and the wrinkles all reduced many. But each kind all has not diligently succeeded, the fatigue pulls with Bush’s relations worsens repeatedly, finally, the fatigue pulls has to emit the ruthless speech to say, if Bush again excessive drinking, between them 29 years marriage. In brief, according to “Round the world” the magazine description, President Bush the couple already was speechless, approaches the divorce the edge.

The White House is thought these hearsays are not worth refuting.